• Daniel Silverstone
  • Richard Maw



Richard Maw


  • Daniel prepared the devday page (this)
  • Daniel has responded on the Covenant thread.
  • Daniel worked on and submitted a patch for review.
  • Richard reviewed and merged Daniel's work on error messages in Lace
  • Richard reviewed and merged Daniel's work on gall test stuff.
  • Daniel updated the covenant in line with the change in
  • Richard completed his rework of his pattern centralisation branch and sent it for review
  • Daniel reviewed and merged it
  • Richard reviewed and merged Daniel's work on the C module linkage
  • Richard reviewed the reown-on-rename series and had comments
  • Daniel responded to the comments on that
  • The reown series was merged
  • The hooks v2 series was reviewed by Richard and merged

Next time

Daniel, and Richard Maw, will be in Montréal at Debconf17 in the first half of August which makes developer days a tad more awkward. In addition there's the Debian UK BBQ toward the end of August which also complicates matters. Daniel has therefore proposed the 2nd of September as a possible next developer day.

So it is decided.