• Daniel Silverstone
  • Richard Maw
  • Richard Ipsum



  • Review current Trello state with others
  • Recap current Jenkins proto-state with others
  • Decide on the 1.1 release timeline because Stretch is being released today.
  • Determine how to set up git-based builds for coverage stats, docs publishing, etc. (skipped)
  • Continue with plugins
  • Anything else in v1.1 MUST, or which is discovered via the Trello review

Richard Ipsum

  • Plan to adjust Makefiles in some unspecified and secretive way.

Richard Maw

  • Unify all the patterns and check stuff.


  • Daniel set up this page
  • We reviewed the trello and Jenkins setup as a group
  • Decided on the 1.1 release timeline (see below)
  • We reviewed and decided on the release plans for the subprojects. Nothing is blocking 1.1, so Daniel will likely handle those during debcamp or perhaps in evenings before then.
  • Daniel completed the hooks branch, cleaned it up, and submitted it for review
  • Richard Ipsum submitted mailfile fixes for lua-scrypt, Daniel reviewed and merged them.
  • Daniel began to grok git-multimail but it will be some time before he can finish the plugin for it.
  • Richard Maw completed the pattern unification work and submitted it for review.

1.1 Release

  • We reworked the trello lanes ready for 1.1
  • Determined we had around 6 developer-days worth of work to do (3 wallclock days)
  • Deliberately left Richard Ipsum free to do the Nix packaging stuff because Richard Maw and Daniel have no clue about it.
  • Goal is to make the 1.1 release during Debcamp.
    • Richard Maw will not be able to spend the whole of Debcamp on this since he wishes to get some focussed hack time on Git namespaces.

Next time

To set the ball rolling, Daniel indicated that the 8th of July and the 22nd of July seemed most likely to be suitable. He is busy on the 15th and away on the 29th.

Richard Maw is busy on the 22nd, Richard Ipsum is free on both.

Decision: Next developer day, 8th July