• Daniel Silverstone
  • Richard Maw



  • Merge Richard Ipsum's makefile work for Luxio
  • Review, and maybe merge, Richard Ipsum's documentation work for Luxio
  • Revisit Gitano covenant for recent queries about behaviour outside of the community.
  • Consider working on lace anyof/allof issue
  • Work toward supple release
  • Look into anything in the v1.1 MUST column, perhaps more testing first though

Richard Maw

  • Investigate It would be better handled by calling out to libgit2's git_revparse_single rather than implement custom parsing logic.


  • Daniel wrote up the initial devday page for today
  • Daniel merged Richard Ipsum's makefile work for Luxio covering targets such as the main all and doc
  • Daniel reviewed, and merged, Richard Ipsum's documentation work for Luxio giving Luxio some better documentation around several core POSIX behaviours.
  • Daniel revisited the covenant to look for provision for ensuring that we consider members' behaviours outside of the community. Turns out that our source (Geek Feminism) already considered that somewhat, so no changes needed for now.
  • Daniel scanned through the mailing list a little and determined there's no unmerged patch series languishing as far as he can tell.
  • Daniel sent a patch series for the lace work to the list.
  • Richard submitted
  • Richard reviewed Daniel's lace work.
  • Richard merged Daniel's lace work.
  • Daniel merged Richard's gall work.
  • Daniel spent a lot of time working on but hasn't finished it yet :-(

Next time

Daniel has an exam in early June, so the next time needs to be after that.

He proposed June 17th, since the w/e before is the next NetSurf developer w/e.

Richard accepted 17th.