• Daniel Silverstone
  • Richard Maw



  • Ensure coverage work from last devday is actually finished and working for more than just himself.
  • Review current status of Debian release which is rapidly approaching.
  • Review the wiki to see what's there, what's missing, etc.
  • Triage 1.1 work to do, review newly added cards, add commentary to cards, etc.
  • Continue/complete force-push testing scenario
  • Pick up tasks and proceed.

Richard Maw

  • Document git hooks
  • Test git hooks


  • Daniel set up the devday page.
  • Richard ran coverage tests, demonstrating that they work for someone else.
  • Daniel went over the Debian packaging status for Gitano related packages. They seem to be okay but some have reproducibility issues. One because of a bug on the armhf test machine, but one (gitano itself) because of a texlive issue:
  • Daniel has reviewed the wiki and decided to add a contributing page.
  • Daniel reviewed and triaged trello cards across the projects' boards. Some more stuff moved to 1.1 must, some dumped into backlog, some deferred back to 1.1 nice. Libraries generally in good shape though there is work to be done there.
  • Daniel pushed his force-push branch and sent a series for review to the mailing list.
  • Daniel pushed a gtt coverage ignore branch and sent a series for review.
  • Daniel pushed a gitano-setup branch and sent a series for review.
  • Daniel pushed a update-server-info on realisation of repo branch and sent a series for review.
  • Richard Maw submitted a patch to extend the documentation to include the lua hooks. See
  • Richard Maw reviewed and merged Daniel's patches.

When next?

Next developer day shall be the 13th May, hosted again at Codethink Towers.