• Daniel Silverstone
  • Richard Maw
  • Richard Ipsum



Daniel intends to continue working on the test suite, extending coverage of tree delta support. Once that is complete, he intends to look into adding coverage reporting so that further test suite work can be optimised toward covering code branches not already tested.

Richard Maw

Richard intends to continue to work through the wiki todo items found on the wiki trello and will focus on virtual hosting since that is of interest to him right now.

Richard Ipsum

Richard intends to look into packaging Gitano for NixOS. This may take some time because the current state of Lua packaging in NixOS is unknown. Plus the Gitano repositories are currently optimised for Debian packaging.


  • Daniel set up the developer day pages.
  • Daniel has sent a treediff patch series to the mailing list.
  • Richard Maw reviewed patches.
  • Richard Maw split out and expanded anonymous read access out of into
  • Richard Maw finished providing the basic content for
  • Daniel wrote and submitted for review a coverage-testing branch
  • Daniel completed the merge of the treediff testing series
  • Richard Maw reviewed coverage testing
  • Richard Maw moved all setup articles under setup/
  • Daniel made a patch which added a buttload of quoting to our yarn IMPLEMENTS. Richard was pleased.
  • Daniel fixed up coverage testing with richard's requests and merged it to master. We have coverage testing now!
  • Richard Maw added a contact page
  • Richard Ipsum has been re-learning Nix. He has some functional derivations, more to follow.

When next?

We have decided on the 8th April as our next hack day.

It will be at Codethink Towers.